About us

DANEMAR is a specialized international supplier for OEM and MRO customers, providing a wide range of high-quality cash payment solutions & equipment, accessories and associated technical and logistics services. We are active in the following industries: Vending, Ticketing & Parking, Retail, Gaming and Amusement, Banking and Financial Services, Car wash.

DANEMAR is committed to offering high-quality equipment and services to its customers, based on its efficient infrastructure as well as its expertise in equipment properties, product applications and market developments. This enables DANEMAR to make a positive contribution to the business operations of its customers and suppliers, fulfilling a dual role: Specialist and Supplier.

Our passion for technology makes us apart. We have extended experience, specialized knowledge about cash payment solutions and detailed technical characteristics of various payment equipment, which makes us a valuable partner for our customers.

We can help you to integrate different type of payment equipment into your projects and we can train you how to solve the maintenance and the repair challenges. We can also participate with you in the design of customized solutions adapted to the most demanding requirements.

In addition, we benefit of an efficient supply chain that ensures the availability of equipment and their timely delivery.


Territories where we are active:

Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Turkey, Greece, Georgia, UAE, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro..


Our partners

Crane Payment Innovations


International Currency Technologies (ICT)





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