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Who we are?

DANEMAR is a company specialized in providing cash payment solutions, offering a full range of high quality equipment and accessories, as well as associated technical and logistical services.

We are present in all industries where cash payments are made through vending machines: Vending, Transport (tickets and parking) Retail, Gambling, Sports betting, Entertainment, Banking services, Financial services, Car washes.

DANEMAR is successful in bringing a positive contribution to the business operations of its customers and suppliers, fulfilling a double role: Specialist and Supplier.

Our History

DANEMAR became importer and service provider of Wurlitzer vending machines in Romania.

DANEMAR became the official Sales and Service partner of NRI.

In 2006 DANEMAR became the Official Sales and Service Partner of Cash-Code for Romania.

DANEMAR installed, for the first time in Europe, the first Cash Code bill validator into a Coca-Cola vending machine (until that time Coca-Cola vending never used a Cash Code bill validator).

The year 2008 became DANEMAR's "Golden year!" due to the high volume of sales and new customers.

DANEMAR was awarded no. 20 in Top Efficiency of Companies from Romania.

DANEMAR took over the distribution of Money Controls that recently joined CRANE Group.

DANEMAR took over distribution of MEI that recently joined CRANE Group.

DANEMAR implements a new customized ERP system, adapted to its activities as a Supplier and Authorised Service Center for payment systems. 

DANEMAR becomes a provider of  integrated solutions.


Our solutions

Danemar provides high technology products serving four vertical markets: vending, transportation (parking & tickets), financial (kiosks) and gaming. Our payment solutions for these markets include coin acceptors and hoppers, coin recyclers, bill validators, bill recyclers and cashless solutions.



Danemar’s portfolio of Vending payment system offers the fastest and most secure coin and bill validation, as well as state of the art cashless payment and telemetry solutions, resulting in increased profitability for each vending machine.
MEI®, NRI® and CashCode® are the brands currently available in the Romanian Vending Market and all of our products are designed and developed with one objective in mind: to make you more money!


Our affordable products provide the following benefits to the City, Operator, or Transit Authority: improving staff safety; reducing cash collection frequency, cash handling, minimizing payment device ownership costs.

Bill Payment Kiosks

Bill payment kiosks today enable payment for a multiple utility bills. That said, all types of bill payment kiosk have the same basic need: accept payment, mostly of banknotes, using a secure banknote validator with a high acceptance rate and a low Total Cost of Ownership.

The SC Advance front load banknote validator is recognized for its counterfeit detection capability, highest acceptance rate of street-grade notes, lowest jam rate in this product category, and its ability to keep working with little to no maintenance. The iconic MSM provide an equally-satisfying alternative.


Casino Gaming and Amusement

Whether your need is to validate, accept and payout bills or coins – we have a product that is just right for you. Our products consistently deliver high acceptance rates combined with high security in the most demanding situations.

Our products maximize your floor’s efficiency with the ability to view the last bills inserted via a PDA on the Ardac Elite, and provide high security via MFT technology on the G-13 and colibri coin validators.


Tehnical Support