Specialist and Supplier


  • we advise the clients on identifying the optimal payment solution for their specific project
  • we provide the clients with SDK’s (Software Development Kit) and the technical documentation necessary for the hardware and software implementation of the payment equipment:
    • Protocol description
    • Vector drawings
    • Programming examples
    • Software simulators and testing tools
  • we provide from stock testing equipment for the prototype’s development, based on a custody contract
  • upon request, we audit hardware and software equipment’s integration.
  • we are listening to the "Voice of the Customer" or in other words, based on observations and complaints from customers, we document and prepare detailed technical reports, proposing to manufacturers solutions to eliminate design errors or equipment’s improvements.
  • we are a permanent interface between the end-user and manufactures for requests that require special modifications of hardware and software of the equipment.
  • we carefully monitor the acceptance rate of the equipment and we collaborate with the manufacturers for the renewal of the databases and of the bill and coin sets.
  • we maintain a permanent connection with the National Bank of Romania and participate in the testing of new denominations to be launched on the market, in order to avoid the launching of non-compliant denominations.
  • we organize training sessions for the technical teams of our customers, for a good integration, operation and maintenance of the payment equipment.


  • we keep stock at the customers' disposal and we deliver within maximum 24 hours from the order date, a large and varied quantity of equipment, spare parts and accessories.
  • we configure the equipment and make customized settings based on our customer's request, modifying: interfaces, protocols, bill / coin sets for different currencies, hardware and software configurations, etc.
  • we send forecasts to the manufacturers in order to ensure the optimization of the supply chain necessary for the production.
  • we make sure that our spare parts stock is big enough to ensure the repairs under warranty and out of warranty, timely.
  • we optimize deliveries of equipment and spare parts, consolidating various deliveries (time & price efficiency).
  • we finance our traditional clients, for determined periods of time, based on the supply contracts agreed with them.
  • we have implemented a high-performance and customized information system (ERP), so that we have a traceability according to the serial number of all the equipment sold or received in service
  • we test all the equipment before delivery to our customer, and we record the series of each equipment delivered in our ERP system
  • we provide international warranty for the entire range of equipment, having implemented all the procedures for granting the warranty with all our suppliers.
  • in certain circumstances (special projects), and for an additional fee, we can extend the warranty given by the manufacturer with a maximum period of another 3 years.
Tehnical Support