Payment Manager®

The Payment Manager has been specifically developed to meet the needs of PC-controlled machines that have to handle NRI and CashCode branded payment units, such as coin and bill validation and payout systems.


It can comfortably undertake any tasks of the control and communication between the payment units connected and the PC regardless of the PC’s interface.

Key Advantages:

  • Controls Crane Payment Innovations' (CPI's) coin changers, validators and hoppers as well as bill validators
  • Supports both PC port’s USB and RS-232
  • Easy implementation without complex data transmission protocols for each payment unit

Taking charge of your payment systems – all at once!

Flexible Approach:

  • Comfortable programming library
  • Integrates NRI & CashCode payment systems into one PC-based platform
  • Runs under Windows and Linux (platform-dependent)
  • Supports both USB and RS-232
  • Communicates between PC terminal and all payment systems connected
  • Controls
  • NRI MDB coin changers with USB or RS-232 interface
  • NRI MDB & ccTalk coin validators •NRI ccTalk hoppers
  • CashCode MDB & CCNET bill validators: FrontLoad, BackLoad, Stackerless, and SNR bill recycler

Flexible Design at No Charge:

  • Free of charge software (upgrades)
  • Free of charge demo & test software
  • Controls peripherals connected using customized command set
  • Uses simple Windows Messages to control any cash handling events
  • Avoid:
    • implementation of complex data transmission protocols for every single payment unit
    • handling multiple interfaces
    • development of software communicating between PC and payment units connected
    • Easy retrofit of further payment units without software changes
  • Quick implementation cuts development time & costs

The Payment Manager software specifies the following minimum hardware and software requirements:

Operating system:

Windows XP and higher


Minimum requirements of OS

Hard disc:



Minimum requirements of OS


USB/RS-232 port orInternet access

System Integrator •i² Mini hub

Tehnical Support