Audit & Cash Management

currenza c² airport®

The airport telemetry system is the unique alert and audit solution integrated in the currenza c² airport coin changer.


Get online and up-to-date the easy way!

In conjunction with the most innovative c² coin changer on the market, the c² airport provides real-time text or SMS messages alerting you immediately if anything is wrong with your machine such as the “door is open” or “cooling unit failure”.

This advanced solution can also provide remote digital data transmission of your vending machine’s audit data such as an “exact change situation” so you can execute service immediately and avoid costly machine downtime. This system makes it easy to bring your vending machines online and up-to-date with today’s technology.

Key Advantages:

  • Prompt text message or email alerts increase machine uptime
  • Cost effective: No fixed costs, free of charge back office software
  • Integrated alert system facilitates coin changer installation
  • Remote price updates reduces on-site work

Prompt Text or E-mail Alerts:

  • Sent by the c² airport to any mobile phone(s) and/or to the back office
  • Examples:
    • “door is open” or “cooling unit failed”
    • customer-defined "turnover reached” or “no turnover for customer-defined time period"
    • “less/no change”
    • “no communication with VMC” etc.

Data Collection:

  • Cash flow data from payment systems connected
  • Enhanced vending machine data via DEX, EXE, BDV, the cashless system currenzaclip or the universal audit box currenza audimax
  • EVA-DTS error report for quick machine diagnostics
  • currenza airbox modem for back office data import

Audit Manager Back Office Software:

  • Audit Manager software is free of charge
  • Provides:
    • Alert set-up and readout options for text messages/emails
    • Online coin changer alert configuration
    • Sales Tracker for machine turnover evaluation

Added Advantage:

  • Additional battery detects if the machine powers off
  • Remote firmware & configuration updates e.g. prices
  • Various antenna solutions to suit your machine requirements

Interfaces supported:

  • MDB
  • BDV
  • MDB + BDV
  • MDB + Executive

Antenna connector:

  • SMA female socket

Data Readout

  • DEX data of external devices
  • DDCMP data of external devices

I/O Sensor

The I/O sensor line records data such as:

  • Door open status & alert
  • Cooling unit status & alert
  • Individual sensor status & alert

Audit Data and Alert Readout

  • currenza airbox back office modem
  • Free of charge

Installation Tools

  • currenza airbox back-office modem
  • Free of charge Audit Manager back office software
  • Stand-alone WinSPT vending machine simulator
  • HENRI service tool for c² airport green and white


Choose from four solutions:

  • Label antenna: adhesive installation inside the machine
  • Magnetic antenna: wall installation inside the machine
  • Vandalism and water-proof antenna: screw fastening outside the machine
  • Burst antenna: magnetic installation outside machines having bad reception

Additional parts required: SMA male/plug, with hex nut and inner thread

currenza audimax

The currenza audimax is the universal audit retrieval solution that makes auditing simple and easy – no matter which vending machines you have or which protocol you are using.

Additional Battery

  • The c² airport can be equipped with an additional Li-Ion battery for ‘machine power off’ detection providing the power necessary to send the appropriate message alerts for up to 10 hours after power off
Tehnical Support