Audit & Cash Management

currenza audimax

The currenza audimax is the universal audit retrieval solution that makes auditing easy and comfortable – no matter which vending machines you have or which protocol you are using.


Key Advantages:

  • Uniformed data retrieval
  • Protocol independent data retrieval
  • Full cashless functionality supported if required

Auditing has never been so easy and cost efficient.


  • Unified data collection – even from mixed machines in the vending park
  • Optimized for retrofitting vending machines with a smart audit unit
  • Unification of data, which up to now has often only been available in different formats – now there is one standard and retrofitting becomes easy
  • Product, cash flow and machine revenue information retrieved independent of machine protocol
  • Comprehensive cashless functionality provided by same hardware

Flexible Data Collection:

audimax readouts are provided using different devices:

  • using data key and antenna included (standard)
  • using USB Audit Stick via IrDA or printer cable
  • using currenza c² airport coin changer
  • using handheld DEX protocol

Comprehensive Data Provision:

  • Enhanced data field pre-selection via free of charge Audit Manager back office software
  • Data provided in standard EVA-DTS or Excel format

Supplied Data:

  • Cash flow data from payment systems via MDB
  • Vending machine data via Exe, BDV, MDB

Dimensions (H x W x D in mm):

  • •78.2 x 95.5 x 25.0

Interfaces supported:

  • Audit: DEX, Audit key
  • PC: RS-232
  • VMC: MDB, MDB Master/Slave, Executive + MDB, BDV + MDB, Totalizer/Timer, CCI/CSI

Operating temperature:

  • 0°C to 50°C

Supply voltage:

  • MDB and BDV: 15V to 42.5V DC
  • Executive: 15V to 42.5V AC


  • currenza c² coin changer via MDB
  • currenza SMv2/MSMv2 bill validators via MDB

LAN Network

  • Remote configuration & audit
  • •Remote control

Service Tools

  • ClipManager PC application for comprehensive set-up & configuration
  • Stand-alone WinSPT vending machine simulator
  • WinSPT PC application for interface tests
  • Firmware update applications

Audit Tools

  • USB Audit Stick for audit readout
  • currenza airstation for text message or email alerts & audit reports via GSM
  • Audit key
  • ClipManager PC application for comprehensive audit
  • ClipAudit light version
  • Audit Manager PC application for audit management

Desktop Reader

  • Back-office tool
  • Configuration of cards and keys
  • Handling of audit and programming keys
Tehnical Support