Audit Manager

The Audit Manager is a free of charge back office software allowing heterogeneous audit data to be imported using various readout devices and exported as common files for processing and archiving purposes.


Additionally, the Audit Manager is used to monitor currenza c² airport coin changers remotely from your back office.

Key Advantages:

  • Easy import of EVA-DTS and printer audit data and quick export as common .xls, .txt or pure .eva files
  • Remote configuration of machine product prices and currenza c² airport alert function according to your individual needs
  • Remote supervision of currenza c² airport by reading out status & error messages

Flexible Audit Data Import:

  • Supports different protocols as DDCMP, DEX / UCS, IrDA
  • Identifies several collection and readout devices:
    • USB Audit Stick for any DDCMP, DEX / UCS or IrDA communicating vending machine devices and VMCs
    • currenza airbox modem for currenza c² airport and airstation standalone telemetry system
    • Audit data key for currenza clip & audimax

Easy Audit Data Management:

  • Clearly displays all audit data archived
  • Offers print option for all audit data archived
  • Delete function for all audit data exported
  • Easily restores audit data using backup EVA files

Uniform Audit Data Export:

  • Common Excel, text or EVA-DTS export files for easy PC processing and archiving
  • Individually filters audit data based on certain EVA-DTS fields prior to export

Remote Configuration & Supervision of c² airport Coin Changers:

  • Configures currenza c² airport in the field according to your individual needs regarding alert events and time frames for text message or email reception
  • Receives status & alert messages or emails issued by currenza c² airport requiring service, such as
    • "door is open" or "cooling unit failed"
    • customer-defined "turnover reached" or "no turnover for customer-defined time period"
    • "less/no change"
    • "no communication with VMC" etc.
  • Increases machine availability and decreases downtimes
  • Maintains your cash flow and keeps your customers satisfied

Added Advantage:

  • Remote configuration of vending machine product prices
  • Email reception of audit data issued using c² airport Audit Knop, e.g. after emptying the cashbox
  • Sales data evaluation via Sales Tracker

The Audit Manager software specifies the following minimum hardware and software requirements:

Operating system:

  • Windows XP and higher
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework v.2.0



Hard disc:

1.5GB for .NET Framework v.4.0, 5MB for application plus amount of audit data




USB port

Data Input Tools

  • currenza airbox modem for changers with telemetry system
  • USB Audit Stick standard version for changers with 9 and 15-pin D-Sub plugs
  • USB Audit Stick battery version for changers with jack plug or vending machine devices with IrDA EVA-DTS interface
  • currenza clip audit key and Desktop Reader for currenza clip and currenza audimax
  • Bluetooth-capable handheld
Tehnical Support