Coin Validator & Sorter

v² pelicano Bulk

The v² pelicano is a brand new ground-breaking solution for machine manufacturers where bulk coin input is a requirement – e.g. for change machines, kiosk.


Until now bulk coin validation solutions have involved a separate device for feeding coins individually into a coin validator. Instead the v² pelicano combines both bulk coin input and coin validation in one product – saving space and integration costs for manufacturers by merging two systems into one.

Additionally an acceptance speed of up to 4 coins per second while inserting 20 different coins at the same time makes applications faster and more profitable.

Key Advantages:

  •  Icorporates 2 coin systems in one chassis: A bulk coin feeder handling up to 20 coins and a coin acceptor
  • Utilizes unique MFT coin validation technology for highest coin security
  • Monitoring of cashbox and coin reject routes provides high manipulation protection

Industry-leading Security:

  • Best coin validation using unique MFT Multi-Frequency Technology
  • Simultaneous evaluation of 24 measurement parameters for 24 coin channels
  • Validation and cashbox monitoring provides manipulation protection
  • Auto-maintenance function removes all foreign objects when opening the trash reject flap after each transaction upon machine request

Flexible Design:

  • Coin validator combined with bulk feeder functionality
  • Input capacity of up to 20 mixed coins at the same time
  • Separation and acceptance of up to 16 different coin denominations
  • Adjustable acceptance speed of up to 4 coins per second
  • User-friendly coin input instead of time-consuming single coin insertions
  • Optional interface for 3-way high-speed sorter
  • Utilizes heartbeat PC application for extensive device & coin configurations as well as uploads


  • Self-service kiosks
  • •Transportation fare and toll collection
  • Gaming coin change & redemption machines

Dimensions (H x W x D in mm):

•141.2 x 131.7 x 25.6 (133.6 min. with open trash reject flap)

Coin processing:

  • 16 coins max. in 24 channels
  • Diameter: 15–32.7mm (depending on payout disc)
  • Thickness: 1.0–3.3mm, other coin sizes on request
  • Speed: up to 4 coins per second

Interfaces supported:

  • Serial ccTalk

Operating temperature:

  • 0°C up to 60°C

Supply voltage:

  • 12V to 24V DC ±10%

Current consumption:


  • 60mA


  • 700mA max. at 12V
  • 500mA max. at 24V

Sorter Interfaces

  • without s² HSD 3000 sorter interface (standard)
  • with s² HSD 3000 sorter interface

Test Tools

  • cctalk DemoPC application for testing coin validation
  • WinSPT PC application for testing coin validation and interfaces

System Integrators

  • ccTalk RS-232 converter
  • ccTalk USB converter
  • 24V power pack
  • ccTalk Demo PC application for testing v²pelicano PC functions
  • Virtual COM port driver for USB operation
  • 10-pole ccTalk ribbon cable, 400mm

Firmware Update Tools

  • CXFlash PC application for back-office uploads

Configuration Tools

  • heartbeat PC application for detailed back-office configuration


  • s2 HSD-3000 3-way, high-speed sorter coming soon

ccTalk Demo PC Application

  • For testing v² pelicano PC functions

Payout Discs

Depending on the diameter of the coins to be handled, the v² pelicano is available with different payout discs:

  • Disc 1 for 15 – 26.9mm coins
  • Disc 2 for 16 – 28.8mm coins
  • Disc 3 for 17 – 31mm coins
  • Disc 4 for 18 – 32.7mm coins
Tehnical Support