Coin System Accessory


The mobile HENRI is a service tool for the currenza c² series and helps with quick diagnostics and firmware updates on site.


It can also be used for individual configuration or all-round coin and device configuration updates using data blocks currently provided by NRI (data block upload).

The HENRI service tool can also be used for easy & time-saving automatic configuration and /or firmware updates using customized SIM cards.

Key Advantages:

  • Individual on-site setting or all-round configuration upload, also by inserting a SIM card
  • Inventory work on change tubes and token configuration
  • Audit check menu
  • Protection against unauthorized access with customized SIM card

Flexible Approach:

  • Suitable for use by all currenza c² coin changers
  • Detailed diagnostics for all coin changer modules; validator, coin cassette and payout motors as well as optional audit or airport units etc.
  • Easy servicing regarding inventory work, token teach and audit checks
  • On-site uploads of all-round data block configurations or current firmware versions
  • Automatic plug-in uploads via licensed SIM cards with customized changer configurations and /or firmware
  • Any individual setting options for
    • Filling & emptying coin cassette
    • Prices & vending modes
    • Cash acceptance
    • Change payout
    • Peripherals
    • Audit unit
    • Batch configuration of a tried & tested master changer using clone feature
  • Mobile help & troubleshooting thanks to pop-up status & error messages
  • Can also be used:
    • as PC interface for heartbeat PC application
    • to diagnose and configure the c² forerunner models G-46.F and E-66/A-66

User-friendly Operation:

  • On-site plug & play installation for immediate use
  • Intuitive menu structure
  • Convenient control keys
  • Easy-to-understand status & error messages instead of error codes

Dimensions (H x W x D in mm, without cable):

  • 157 x 83 x 21, cable length: approximately 100cm

Interfaces supported:

  • PC: USB •NRI coin changer: RJ-45

Operating temperature:

  • 10°C to 50°C

Supply voltage:

  • Via USB or RJ-45 interface

Power Supply

  • For coin changers removed from the machine: WinSPT station for the workshop

Firmware Update Tools

  • HENRIFlash PC application

Customized SIM Cards

  • For automatic currenza c² configuration & firmware updates
  • As license for heartbeat PC application
Tehnical Support