Heartbeat, a PC based application is a detailed diagnostics and individual configuration tool for the new NRI currenza c² coin changer and v² coin validators.


It is also used for uploading the complete coin and device configuration using data blocks currently provided by Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) (data block upload).

The heartbeat software identifies the coin validation system connected to the PC and its device-specific data then, displays the data on the screen of your PC for easy diagnostics and configuration.

Key Advantages:

  • Individual setting or all-round configuration upload from a database
  • Coin acceptance test and detailed sensor system diagnostics
  • Authentication and protection against unauthorized access with customized SIM card

Flexible Approach:

  • Suitable for NRI coin validators v² eagle, v² falcon and v² pelicano as well as currenza c² coin changers
  • Detailed diagnostics:
    • Coin acceptance test
    • Readout of error codes, firmware & configuration /data block version
    • Sensor system tests
  • Designed for quick and simple database uploading for all-round configuration or any individual setting options such as:
    • New coin denominations & tokens
    • Optimizing acceptance of genuine and rejection of fraud coins by fine-tuning acceptance bands
    • Channel-dependent settings
    • Protocol & sorting settings
  • Special coin changer settings:
    • For filling & emptying coin cassette
    • Prices & vending modes
    • Cash acceptance
    • Change payout
    • Peripherals

Added Advantage:

  • Create backup files for all device configurations authentication with customized SIM licence card
  • Convenient tooltips explaining possible settings
  • Quick settings with the right mouse button
  • Update software easily from our website

The heartbeat software specifies the following minimum hardware and software requirements:

Operating system:

  • Windows 2000 and higher


  • Intel Pentium and higher

Hard disc:

  • 200MB free memory


  • 512MB


  • USB port or Internet access

Testing Stand

  • A testing stand is available to work in conjunction with the coin validator v² eagle. 

Power Supply

  • 12V power pack with international adapters for coin validators
  • WinSPT station or own e.g. simulators for coin changers

PC Interfaces

  • Licence card module for coin validators
  • HENRI service tool for currenza c² coin changers
Tehnical Support