Coin Hopper

h² nano Coin Hopper

The NRI h² nano compact coin hopper with superior coin payout reliability and additional manipulation protection makes your application more reliable and profitable.




Key Advantages:

  • High-speed payout of up to 9 coins per second reduces transaction times
  • Manipulation protection through unique infrared light barrier system
  • Maximize capacity thanks to various hopper sizes depending on available space in your machine

When reliability matters

Industry-leading Reliability:

  • Adjustable payout speed of up to 9 coins per second
  • High performaning coin hopper with manipulation protection thanks to infrared payout control for coins/tokens with any type of surface
  • Automatic error detection and anti-jam function
  • Traffic light system for easy status updates and error diagnosis
  • Optional protocol encryption
  • Unambiguous, error-free communication with control unit due to ccTalk MDCES address handling

Flexible Design:

  • 4 coin hopper models/sizes to choose from
  • Space-saving dual hopper installation thanks to coin passage
  • Suitable for paying out a wide range of coins with standard model
  • Universal hardware for a broad range of coins reduces inventory
  • Size-compatible with existing coin hopper products for easy retro-fitting
  • Payout to the last coin for change machine applications
  • Service-friendly fixing plate for easy plug-in & out
  • Flash update tools for quick firmware uploads


  • Retail self-checkout machines
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Transportation fare and toll collection
  • Gaming coin changers & redemption machines


Dimensions (H x W x D in mm):

  • 154 x 131.4 x depends on hopper version S, M, L or X

Coin processing:

  • Diameter: 18.5 – 26.5mm (depending on payout disc)
  • Thickness: 1.6 – 2.6mm, other coin sizes on request

Coin payout speed:

  •  Average: 7 coins/second
  •  Maximum: 9 coins/second

Interfaces supported:

  •  Serial ccTalk, Parallel

Operating temperature

  • 5°C to 50°C

Operating voltage

  • 12V/24V DC ±10%, 10–35V DC

Current consumption:

  • Standby: 0.6W ±10%
  • Inrush current, motor: 4A ±10% (for approx. 75ms)
  • Operating with coins: 6W ±40%
  • Operating without coins: 4.8W ±40%

Hopper Bowls

The capacity is defined by shape and depth of the hopper bowl

  • h² nano M – medium capacity for e.g. approx. 440 €1 coins
  • h² nano L – large capacity for e.g. approx. 530 €1 coins
  • h² nano X – extra-large capacity for e.g. approx. 710 €1 coins

Configuration Tools

  • HopperTalk PC application for configuring ccTalk hoppers

Test Tools

  • HopperTalk PC application for testing coin payout of ccTalk hoppers

System Integrators

  •  Payment Manager program library for serial payment systems
  • NRIHIDAPI.dll program library for serial payment systems

Mounting Brackets

  • with spigots
  • with large base plate
Tehnical Support