Bill Validator

SC Advance

Evolving from the award winning CASHFLOW SC, the MEI SC Advance applies the latest technology and customer feedback to make a great product, even better.


Featuring enhanced recognition technology, faster note-to-note speed, and improved barcode recognition, the MEI SC Advance offers four cashbox options to ensure best fit. Additional product enhancements can add functionality to this bill acceptor resulting in a tailored solution for your individual gaming, retail, financial service or parking needs.

Key Advantages:

  • Field-proven, reliable technology
  • Many product extensions help to maximize your revenue
  • Lower cost of ownership

Exceptional Performance

  • Proven quality with 1,500,000+ units of CASHFLOW SC and SC Advance sold
  • High note acceptance 98%+
  • Under 2.5 seconds to stack

Reliability Comes First

  • Global noteset of over 100 countries
  • Low jam rate, creating more machine up-time

Flexible Approach

  • Customizable. A variety of options for bezels, cashbox capacity and note widths
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Low maintenance costs equal higher revenue
  • Backwards compatible with CASHFLOW SC field base


Several cashbox sizes provide the flexibility you need when you require additional capacity between cash drops:

  • SC stores up to 600 notes
  • SCM stores up to 900 notesĀ 
  • SCL stores up to 1,200 notesĀ 
  • SCXL stores up to 2,200 notes

SC Advance is also now available without a cashbox for machines that draw even higher note volumes or already have an integrated cashbox.

Tehnical Support