currenza clip®

The currenza clip cashless payment system provides secure, encrypted data transfer via the MIFARE technology


Multiple setting options allow you to configure your custom system, increasing your machine revenues.

Key Advantages:

  • High security through MIFARE technology with additional encryption
  •  Flexible set-up to provide bespoke cashless solution
  •  Customizable reader, keys, cards or tags
  • Open for third party applications like access or time control

Reliability Comes First:

  •  High security thanks to encrypted MIFARE data transmission
  • Vandalism-protected reader installed inside the vending machine
  • Collection of transaction information ensures high data security
  • All common serial interfaces available – ideal for retrofitting even mixed machine parks

Flexible Design:

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Modular design – easy replacement of components
  • Contactless MIFARE technology (13.56 MHz) for maximum security
  • Open for third party applications (door entry etc.) – ideal for retrofitting
  • Powerful administration & service software clipManager for data management, key and reader configuration as well as audit data management according to EVA-DTS
  • currenza clip RF – a compact USB desktop reader to interface with office

PC Versatile Approach:

  • Flexible range of setting options allows you to create a tailored solution for your cashless sites and increase your revenues
  • Discount, subventions, bonus, free vend, happy hour and much more
  • MIFARE clip cards and keys also support third party systems e.g. access, time and copy control or cash tills
  • User-friendly configuration wizard for easy and fast installation

The Benefits of Cashless Payment:

  •  Different price ranges for subsidized cashless & cash sales
  • Cash in advance – money is loaded to system before vend happens
  • Less cash management costs

Added Advantage:

  • MDB interface, as slave device
  • Peripheral MDB master interface for MDB bill validator and coin changer
  • Supports parallel G-40 / G-13.mft coin validators (24V DC/16-pin)
  • Plug & play MDB interface
  • Executive & BDV as master & slave
  • Price holding supported in Executive & MDB interface
  • Reader can hold 80 prices divided into 4 price groups: 1 for cash & 3 for cashless sales or 160 prices in 2 price groups: 1 for cash and 1 for cashless
  • RS-232 interface for uploading firmware & configuration updates
  • Full EVA-DTS audit using clip audit key

Dimensions (H x W x D in mm):


  • 61.5 x 69.0 x 30.0 (30.5 with cable protection)
  • cable length of approx. 100cm

Control unit:

  • 78.2 x 95.5 x 25.0

Mounting position:

  • Horizontal or vertical

Cards and/or Keys:

  • User cards / keys
  • Programming / audit keys
  • Cloning key

Interfaces supported:

  • Audit:DEX, Audit key
  • PC: RS-232
  • VMC: MDB, MDB Master / Slave, Executive + MDB, BDV + MDB, Totalizer / Timer

Operating temperature:

  • 0°C to 50°C

Supply voltage:

  • MDB and BDV: 15V to 42.5V DC
  • Executive: 15V to 42.5V AC

LAN Network

  • Remote configuration & audit
  • Remote control


  • Readers and keys are available in different colour schemes
  • Keys and cards with customized logos upon request
  • Customized colour upon request


  • currenza c² coin changer via MDB
  • currenza SMv2/MSMv2 bill validator via MDB
  • Second cashless payment system as slave

Service Tools

  • Stand-alone WinSPT vending machine simulator
  • WinSPT PC application for interface tests
  • ClipManager PC application for comprehensive configuration
  • ClipCard light version for card and key configuration only

Firmware update applications

Audit Tools

  • USB Audit Stick for audit readout
  • currenza airstation for text message or email alerts & audit reports via GSM
  • Audit key
  • ClipManager PC application for comprehensive audit
  • ClipAudit light version
  • Audit Manager PC application for audit management


  • Totalizer / timer
  • LAN
  • a² long channel housing

Multi-purpose Reader

  • Wall-mounted device for access and time control
  • Totalizer / timer interface

Desktop Reader

  • Back-office tool
  • Configuration of cards and keys
  • Handling of audit and programming keys

Mini Cash Register

  • Revalue (reload) cards and keys
  • Cash register (vends)

Wall-mounted Loading Station

  • Revalue (reload) cards and keys
  • Bill acceptance
  • Coin acceptance (optional, not shown
Tehnical Support