Bill Recycler

SNR Bill Recycler

The CashCode SNR bill recycler is a field proven, highly efficient yet compact single denomination bill recycler that inherently includes bill acceptor technology.


SNR bill recycler accepts and dispenses bills one at a time, and automatically replenishes the bill dispensing cassette using end user inserted notes.

This multi-width, single note bill recycler was designed to reduce cash handling costs for the Operator. The SNR Bill Recycler can be used in several bill payment systems, including:

  • Parking pay-on-foot (POF) stations
  • Bill payment kiosks

The SNR Bill Recycler is specifically designed to reduce cash handling costs by reducing the volume of bills and coins in the cash handling ecosystem (without negatively impacting revenue). Incoming cash can be stored in the recycling module and be issued as change to the next customer. Immediate benefits to be realized from adopting the SNR Bill Recycler in a Paystation include:

Reduced Cash Handling Costs:

  • Fewer cash-related (coin depletion and cash collection) calls
  •  Reduced human exposure to cash, leading to reduced cash shrink
  • Lower overall Cash-in-Transit (CIT) costs

Reduced Staff Costs:

  • Longer Paystation uptime
  • Reduced technical and revenue staff costs

Increased User Satisfaction:

  • Users can pay with higher denominations
  • Users no longer receive bulk coins as change

Cases Studies by Crane Payment Solutions Show that Implementing a Bill Recycler Instead of a Validator:

  •  Reduces cashbox collection calls
  •  Reduces coin replenishment calls
  • Reduces Paystation float
  •  Significantly reduces end customer complaints due to partial change payout.

Added Advantage:

  •  60-note capacity single denomination recycling system
  • A 2 digit LED displays the number of bills in recycling cassette
  • BlueChip™ SIM Card for quick configuration changes & firmware updates
  • Coupon capable
  • Advanced auto-calibrating optical, inductive and dielectric sensors optimize validation rates
  • Anti-stringing protection
  •  Fast bill acceptance and payout for a better consumer experience. Complete transport cycle at only 2.5 seconds
  • Quick and easy diagnostics via LED indicator

Dimensions (H x W x D in mm):

  • 132 x 97 x 132 (closed), 217 x 97 x 191 (open)


  •  Validation rate: 96% or higher
  • Bill insertion: 4- way
  • Escrow: Single bill
  • Complete transport cycle: 2.5 seconds
  •  Validation sensors: Optical, Inductive, Dielectric, and Cross-channel (anti-stringing)

Recycling cassette capacity:

  • 60 bills (denomination configurable)

Cashbox capacity:

  • 300, 400, or 600 bills

Protocols supported:

  • MDB, CCNet, and CCTalk

Program memory:

  • BlueChip Memory Card

Operating temperature:

  • -18°C to 60°C

Operating voltage:

  •  22 V to 40 V DC


  • CE, IEC 60950-1, FCC, ICES-003 & RoHS.

Recycling Cassettes

  • The 60 bill recycling cassette can be configured to any denomination. Alternatively, the recycling cassette can be used for multi-escrow

Cashbox Options

  • 300, 400 or 600 bill capacity

Bezel Options

Our bezel options have been designed to provide the most attractive and intuitive payment transaction experience your customers demand. Contact your Account Manager for a list of available bezel options.

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