Bill Validator

MFL FrontLoad

The CashCode MFL is a field-proven, modular frontload bill validator.


The CashCode MFL's modular sensor design and superior validation technology provide a cost-effective bill validation option for unattended, automated Paystations.

The MFL can be used in several applications, including:

  • Parking Pay-on-Foot stations
  • Bill payment kiosks
  • Gaming machines

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership:

  • Modular architecture enables upgrade of validation sensor pack without exchanging the entire head
  • Non-demanding maintenance schedule
  • The modularity and non-demanding service schedule for this robust bill validator reduces total cost of ownership vs. other competitive devices by at least 30%

Industry-leading Security:

  • Multiple locks on a durable metal cashbox
  • Cashbox can be locked to device housing

Added Advantage:

  • Exchangeable Sense-a-Click™ sensor pack
  • Self-centering mechanism in multi-width version
  • Accepts barcode coupons
  • Anti-stringing sensors
  • Remote SW upgrade capability

Dimensions (H x W x D in mm):

  • 302 x 114 x 271


  • Validation rate: 96% or higher
  • Bill width validated: Up to 82 mm
  • Bill length validated: Up to 172 mm long
  • Bill insertion: 4-way
  • Escrow: Single bill or barcode ticket

Interfaces supported:

  • ccNET communications protocol (RS232 physical layer)
  • Support for other industry protocol standards

Operating temperature:

  • Internal: 0°C to +50°C
  • External: -30°C to +50°C

Operating voltage:

  • 12V


  • UL, CE, TS6(LIS), IEC 60950-1, FCC, ICES-003 & RoHS

Validating Head Options

  • Multi-width head for bills 62 to 82 mm wide

Mechanical Locks

  • All custom, high-security locks (two on cashbox and one locking cashbox to housing) can be installed aftermarket
  • Alternatively, the device can ship with custom high-security locks pre-installed

HW-enabled SW-update Options

  • BlueChip™ Smart-Stick
  • One-time upgrade card
  • NDEG remote upgrade card

Power Supply and Harness

In cases where power will not be provided to the device from the Paystation’s main power supply directly, this power supply can power the MFL from any socket.

The harness is a ready-made RS232 communications cable between the MFL and the Paystation host PC board.

Bezel Options

  • Standard plastic bezel
  • Bezel with LED lights
  • Bezel with LED lights and digital display
  • Bezel with runway lights
  • Metal coin-proof bezel
  • Up-stack or down-stack bezels •
  • Variety of other bezel options
Tehnical Support