Bill Validator

CashCode one™

The CashCode one is a truly universal gaming bill validator offered in one universal design regardless of the country, currency, mounting or protocol.

It helps reduce logistic and inventory costs.


The CashCode one offers value added product configurations and extensions without major hardware upgrades, which in turn assist operators in improving their operation and the customer’s first-hand experience.

What our customers appreciate most about our bill acceptor is the excellent acceptance rate, security against counterfeits, field-proven reliability, and built in unique service support features.

Key Advantages:

  • Universal 4 spectrum validation technology with reliable self-aligning design
  • Single hardware platform with up to 84 banknotes supported and a dual-processor design
  • Future-proof design offers multiple value added extensions, configurations, and industry specific protocols

Superior Technology & Reliability Come First:

  • Unique validation technology utilizes four spectrums of validation; Optical, Dielectric, Inductive and Ultra Violet, the only one in the industry
  • Best player experience by proven self-centering mechanism aligns bills or bar-coded coupons of different widths — even when fed at an angle
  • Built-in extra memory and dual-processor design
  • Robust drop-proof cashbox with improved stacker mechanism protects against dust
  • Improved bill path and beltless transportation

Exceptional Performance:

  • 98% first-time insertion acceptance rate on street grade or new bills
  • Better protection against counterfeit and manipulated banknotes
  • Fastest validation speed in the industry
  • Algorithm supports self-tuning and calibration

Flexible Design:

  • Global design—one product for all countries and all currencies
  • Easy to install, replaces any bill acceptor
  • Flexible interfaces options (all major industry interfaces in one board)
  • Dual power options: 12v or 24v •Supports major industry communication protocols for any retrofit projects
  • Easy firmware update options: USB port and portable memory card means no more EPROM or memory upgrades

Dimensions (H x W x D in mm):

  •  300 x 115 x 235


  • Validation rate: 98% or higher
  • Bill width validated: 62 - 85 mm
  • Bill & barcode ticket insertion: 4-way
  • Escrow: Single bill or barcode ticket
  • Complete transport cycle: 3 seconds
  • Validation sensors: Optical, Inductive, Dielectric, and Ultraviolet

Interfaces supported:

  • Bi-directional (RS232), Serial, Pulse, and Opto-isolated

Protocols supported:

  • ccNET, ID003, NETPLEX, ccTalk, v2.2, and GDS

Firmware upgrade:

  • USB Flash, portable memory card, and network downloadable

Operating temperature:

  • 0° C to 50° C / 32° F to 122° F

Operating voltage:

  • 12V DC+ - 5%, Operating 2.0 A, Peak 2.5 A
  • 24V DC+ - 5%, Operating 1 A, Peak 1.5 A


  • CE, UL 756, IEC 60950-1, CB REPORT, FCC, ICES-003 & RoHS
  • Standard cashbox compliance: IEC 60068-2-32:1 meter operational

Cashbox Options

  • 600 bill capacity, industry standard size
  • 900 bill capacity, fits most gaming machines without cage alterations
  • 1,000 bill capacity, reliable for redemption kiosks or change machines
  • 3,000 high capacity cashbox*

*requires special modified fram

CashCode one™ with 3000 Note

Sleep Mode

CashCode one™ with IGT Protocol

Service Tools

  • Portable memory card for firmware updates
  •  PC Applications:
    • CRC Verifier – Verify CRC of firmware file
    • CFS Downloader – Download the firmware using USB connectivity
    • Navigator – Perform diagnostics and generate RMA report
    • CCNETStas – Reads bill validator performance data
    • SMNUtility – Assigns asset numbers to each bill validator

Cable Harness and Power Supply

  • Custom part numbers differ for each gaming platform
  • Available in either 12 or 24 Volt

Coin-proof Metal Bezel

  • Part no. FLSB-7103 (Special Order)
  • With optic channel for status light (Green/Red)

This bezel requires additional grounding hardware on the unit housing. Please see the Bezel User Guide for mounting instructions.

BAT Bezel (Aristocrat compatible)

  • Part no. FLSB-5901
  • Bezel with oval shaped indicator light (Blue/Red)



Tehnical Support