Bill Bulk Loader


The MEI BNF (Bunch Note Feeder) improves efficiencies by reducing the amount of time required to process cash and  improves both security and customer service.


Works only with MEI SCL / SCXL and stackerless.

The BNF provides a means to quickly move cash out of associates’ hands. Stacks of notes are efficiently placed in the BNF tray to minimize queue times and cash exposure while reducing the cash maintained in tills. The automated transition of notes from the BNF to the SC Advance allows associates to spend more time with customers on the retail floor, which improves service and, ultimately, customer loyalty.

User-friendly Operation

  • Integrated note reject path divider resulting in uninterrupted cash handling process
  • Easily retrofitted into existing SCL/SCXL and Stackerless product lines

Flexible Design

  • Available in single width or multi-width options that makes this product globally ready
  • BNF Note Tray can be mounted to the door or BNF main module

Superior Technology

  • Increase productivity and ROI by accepting up to 30 notes at once
  • Increased note-to-note speed
  • Reliable friction based technology
Tehnical Support